This list of top 10 authentic Filipino chicken recipes will take you back to sumptuous family get-together bonding moments  feasting on this delectable dishes.

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Chicken and poultry  is one of the main staples of any Filipino home.

And it is for great reasons.

It is delicious.  It is versatile that you can just add it up with various vegetables to enhance its flavors.


Top 10 authentic Filipino chicken recipes

Tinolang Manok
Tinolang manok is one of the most common ways of cooking chicken for Filipinos. It is flavorful, delicious and filling soup dish that everybody loves.
It is a popular dish for lactating moms especially those who have just newly given birth because its ingredients like papaya, malunggay and ginger are known to increase breast milk.
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Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok)
Chicken Adobo is one of the popular Filipino chicken recipes. It is just easy to make and you just need a handful of ingredients to make it.
This kind of cooking appeals to everyone's palate. The medley of savory, garlicky, peppery and a little bit of sour and sweet flavors is just too good to resist.
The flavorful sauce of this chicken adobo will make you ask for more rice. Yum!
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Fried chicken
Fried chicken is an all-time favorite for both adults and kids. The crispy skin that crackle every bite is just so inviting.
This fried chicken is just fast and easy to make. Thanks to seasonings and breading that are readily available in the market that you can just put into your fried chicken.
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Chicken Afritada
You will surely love this luscious, saucy chicken afritada. The tomato sauce makes this afritada more flavorful.
Added to it are potatoes and carrots that makes this dish a complete meal on its own.
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Chicken Curry
Chicken curry is one of the most favorite chicken dishes in the Philippines . You can often see it part of the menu in carenderias or neighborhood stores that sell ready-to-eat foods.
What I love about chicken curry is its sauce. It is super delicious.
The good thing about chicken curry is that it is meal-prep friendly. You can cook a big batch of it and just put it in sealed food containers.
This can last up to one week when placed in the freezer.
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Chicken Sotanghon
Chicken sotanghon is a very filling dish that the whole family will enjoy.
You can choose to use chicken breast slices or any of your preferred chicken part.
You can even use leftovers from your shredded chicken and it will still turn out so good.
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Cheesy Chicken Spring Rolls
Spring roll or lumpia is a popular dish among Filipinos. This spring roll is stuffed with ground chicken and mixed with seasonings like garlic powder, black pepper and others.
Added to it are slices of cheese that you will surely love.
Then it is fried to perfection. Serve it on the table and it will be consumed in no time.
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Chicken Tocino
Chicken tocino is perfect for breakfast. And even lunch or dinner. Why not.
However, it is a part of the popular silog dishes that Filipinos love. Make this homemade chicken tocino. Cook it for breakfast along with sunny side-up eggs and fried rice.
You will have a hearty breakfast meal.
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Chicken Congee (Arroz Caldo na Manok)
Chicken congee appears simple but it is full of flavors. You can have it as a heavy snack or a meal as it is complete with protein and carbs to get you going with your needed tasks.
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Chicken Macaroni Soup
Chicken macaroni soup is so filling and delicious. It provides warmth and can be addicting too.
If you want a one-pot chicken meal then you can do this recipe.
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Have you tried all of these Filipino chicken recipes? Which one is your most favorite?

I understand if you cannot choose just one because they are all yummy.

Top 10 Authentic Filipino Chicken Recipes

These list contains top 10 authentic Filipino recipes that are delicious and will surely tickle your taste buds.
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  • Tinolang Manok
  • Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok)
  • Fried chicken
  • Chicken Afritada
  • Chicken Curry
  • Chicken Sotanghon
  • Cheesy Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Chicken Tocino
  • Chicken Congee (Arroz Caldo na Manok)
  • Chicken Macaroni Soup


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