Chicken tinola has been my all time favorite soup.  It brings me so many childhood memories from way back.  I grew up in the province in the middle of a corn farm and we had plenty of chickens in the backyard.  We would just feed the chickens in the afternoon and my father or mother would ask us to catch chicken for our dinner. So basically, I know how to cook Chicken Tinola Recipe (Tinolang Manok with Papaya and Chili leaves) since I was young.

Chicken Tinola Recipe (Tinolang Manok with Papaya and Chili leaves) Ingredients

Chicken Tinola Ingredients, Tinolang Manok Ingredients, Mom Food Blog


Chicken tinola recipe has just simple ingredients. Of course, the star of this dish is the chicken.  When I cook chicken tinola, I always use organic native chicken because they are much tastier and more delicious.  Other ingredients include green papaya.  If you don’t have the green papaya, you can substitute it with sayote or chayote squash.  If you don’t have these two, you can just actually omit it as long as you have the greens. Then you have chilli leaves to make it more nutritious.  If you do not have the chili leaves, you can substitute it with malunggay leaves or moringa leaves.

When I was cooking this, the available chilli leaves that I harvested in my home garden is just small, so I added my baby moringga from my garden because my kiddos love these greens whenever I cook tinola.  To make my chicken tinola more aromatic and tasteful, I added lemon grass that I still got from my home garden (yes, the benefits of home gardening :-)) . Aside from those main ingredients, you have your usual spices like garlic, onions, ginger to saute the chicken.  I added a little bit of corn pepper for this recipe.

My Version of Chicken Tinola Recipe (Tinolang Manok with Papaya and Chili leaves)

My style of cooking chicken tinola has evolved from when I was young.  This marinated version is what I learned from my sister when I go home to the province and I adopted it since it is delicious.

Chicken Tinola Recipe, Tinolang Manok, Mom Food Blog

The picture above is my finished chicken tinola.  I sliced the papaya in small pieces so that it will be cooked faster.  If you want your papaya to have bigger slices, you may do so. The greens is actually a mixture of chilli leaves and baby moringa leaves.

Enjoy and happy eating!

Chicken Tinola Recipe (Tinolang Manok with Papaya and Chilli Leaves)

Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time45 mins
Course: Soup
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: Chicken Tinola Recipe, Mom Food Blog, Tinolang Manok na may Dahon ng Sili, Tinolang Manok Recipe
Servings: 4 people
Cost: $2


  • Cooking Pot


  • 1/2 kg Sliced chicken
  • 1 cup Chilli leaves
  • 1 pc Green Papaya medium size, chopped
  • 5 cloves Garlic
  • 1 pc Onion medium size, chopped
  • 1 pc Ginger medium size, minced
  • 8 pcs Corn Pepper
  • 1 tbsp Cooking oil
  • 1 tbsp Soy sauce


  • Before starting to cook, marinate the chicken with 1 tbsp soy sauce, a pinch of salt, corn pepper, a little garlic and onions. Set aside for 5-10 minutes.
  • In a pan, sautee the garlic and onions.
  • When garlic and onions turn a little brown, add the chicken including its marinate sauce and spices.
  • Saute it for around 2-3 minutes until natural oil of the chicken comes out.
  • Add 3-4 cups of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Add the green papaya. and bring it to a boil again.
  • Season the soup with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar. You may substitute the sugar with knorr chicken broth cubes if you want. Adjust the taste to your liking.
  • Add the lemon grass and taste the chicken meat if it is already tender.
  • If chicken is done and the soup is already yummy, add the chilli leaves and/or malunggay leaves. Bring it to a boil and it is done.
  • Transfer it to a soup bowl and serve while it is warm. It is best complimented with rice.