Ratatouille Movie Food Review. This is my first movie food review, and the first movie that pops up in my mind is Ratatouille. This has been one of my daughters favorite movie.

Ratatouille Movie Food Review, Mom Food Blog


Ratatouille Movie Food Review

First lets talk about the main character of the story Remy. The talented rat who dreams of becoming a great French chef, like his hero Auguste Gusteau.

Despite not having the support from his family(or pack, or maybe colony is the right word for it). Remy gets a chance to achieve his dreams when he meets Linguini, a janitor at Gusteau’s, a famous Paris restaurant.

He guides Linguini, hiding inside his hat and pulling the strings(hair to be exact) pulling and yanking his hair to guide him from ingredient to ingredient to create his dish. Having to face off against a powerful food critic in Anton Ego, and having to hide from suspicious lady chef Colette.

Although Ratatouille is a kid movie. It would be best to let your kids watch this when they are above 8. Since there are kissing between Linguini and Collette and the gun shooting at the farm.

The movie shows us about the importance of loyalty, friendship and of course our family.

Ratatouille Movie Food Review, Mom Food Blog

And since its a movie which involves food. I want to create the movies saving dish and and title of course Ratatouille. Ratatouille is a French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice, and sometimes referred to as ratatouille niçoise. I am gonna make that dish, and put the link here in the post.


In the end I highly recommend you watch Ratatouille. It is now one of my top Disney Pixar’s film.