Durian vs. Jackfruit. Are you wondering if durian is similar to jackfruit and vice versa? Well, the short answer is no. These two fruits are entirely different.

Their main similarities I think is that they are both banned from being hand-carried in airplanes due to their strong smell. Yes, they have strong smell but their smell is even different as well.

So, what Exactly is Durian and Jackfruit

durian fruit
durian fruit

Durian is a fruit with spikey thorns on its skin. The fruit is divided into segments with brown lines that you can follow your knife to easily open it. It has a pulp that is sweet and creamy and really delicious for those who love the fruit.

Colors differ like orange, pale white, pink and red depending on its variety but the most common one is yellow. Durian has a strong pungent smell. That is why bringing it in buses, trains and airplanes is prohibited.

On the other hand, jackfruit is a tropical large fruit that has green bumpy skin. It has white latex that can stick to your hands and knife when you open it. It has yellow pods that contain seeds inside when ripe. The pods are surrounded with white and yellow slimy rinds.

It has a strong gum-like smell but milder compared to durian. Unripe jackfruit gain popularity recently in the vegan world because it is used as a meat substitute.

Durian vs jackfruit Infographic

durian vs jackfruit infographic, Mom Food Blog
durian vs jackfruit infographic

Scientific Name and Family

Durian scientific name is Durio zibethinus L. and under the family Mombacaceae. It is widely grown in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Durian comes from the word duri, a Malaysian term that means thorns. Zibethinus comes from word zibetto, an Italian word for strong aroma.

On the other hand, jackfruit scientific name is Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam under the family Moraceae. Jackfruit name is thought to be derived from Portuguese word jaca.


Durian originated in South East Asia especially in the country of Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra.

Moreover, Jackfruit originated in India and is widely grown in Asia, Africa, Florida, Brazil, Australia, Puerto Rico and other South American countries with tropical and sub-tropical climate.


Durian size ranges from small to large. The largest durian is about 6 kilograms.

Jackfruit is generally bigger in terms of size. The largest on record is from India with over 40 kilograms in weight.


Durian smell is compared to a stinky rotten unions. Its smell is so potent that even if the fruit is already consumed, the smell stays on your hands and in the place where you eat it.

Jackfruit smell strong as well but generally milder compared to durian.


Ripe durian is commonly eaten on its own. But it has also other uses and preparations.

Unripe and ripe jackfruit is also being used in various dishes and preparations around the world.

Durian Uses and Preparations

  1. Candy – The most common product from durian is durian candy.
  2. Ice cream – If you love ice cream and durian then you will definitely enjoy durian ice cream.
  3. Pie – Durian pie is delicious. Make one if you have abundant fresh durian.
  4. Shake- Fruit shakes is not limited to mangoes, pineapples and other tropical fruits. You can make it from durian too.
  5. Jam – Just like jackfruit, you can preserve durian by making it a jam as well.

Jackfruit uses and Preparations

  1. Salads – green jackfruit can be made into a salad. Add herbs, spices and fresh coconut milk to a cooked young jackfruit to make it a salad.
  2. Jam – Ripe jackfruit can be made into a jam and can be stored for as long as one month.
  3. Pork soup – jackfruit is a delicious addition to the veggies that you can put into a soup like pork with chopped young jackfruit.
  4. Dehydrated jackfruit- just like other fruits, you can dehydrate jackfruit and consume it for later.
  5. Meat substitute – Green unripe jackfruit has a mild neutral taste. It is suitable as a meat substitute because you can just add spices and herbs to it and it will become flavorful the way you want it. Its texture can also mimic various meat foods such as pulled pork, burger patty, and chicken meat.

Durian vs Jackfruit Nutrition / Health Benefits

Both fruits are nutritious and has health benefits.

Durian Health Benefits

Reduce Cancer Risk – Durian has antioxidants that decrease the risk of cancer. It has polyphenols that inhibit or kill cancer cells.

Helps you Gain Weight – If you are on the thin side and want to gain weight then durian is for you. Durian contains high calories. If you consume durian on a regular and moderate level, it can add weight on you.

Prevents heart diseases – Durian has high fiber content. It can help reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL) that can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Rich in Potassium – Durian has high potassium content and may help regulate blood pressure.

High Immune System – Since durian is rich in vitamins and minerals , it can boost your immune system.

Jackfruit Health Benefits

Protein Content – It is rare for fruits to have protein content. That makes jackfruit different from other fruits. it is great for vegan as a pseudo-meat.

May Protect against Diseases – Due to its vitamin C content.

Prevent Skin Problems – Jackfruit has antioxidants and consuming it can prevent skin problems.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Jackfruit may help in lowering blood sugar levels due to its flavonones content.


Durian Varieties in the Philippines

  1. Chanee – this used to be the popular variety in Davao before other varieties came like Puyat and others.
  2. Arancillo -is one of my favorites. it is so sweet and creamy.
  3. Cob/Kob – Cob variety are also big but kind of elongated shape. The flesh is good but not as thick as Puyat variety.
  4. Montong – this variety has a yellow-ish pulp. It is sweet as well.
  5. D101 – one of the varieties that I love. it is so sweet. It has a pudding-like flesh and really creamy.
  6. Duyaya – this is another variety that I like. It is sweet and delicious.
  7. Puyat – this is one the most popular and favorite variety of durian. Puyat variety are usually big. They have thick, creamy pulp and really delicious. Just choose the one that is perfectly ripe.
  8. Native- many Davaoenos like the native variety but I personally dislike it because it has big seeds yet very thin flesh. Its taste is a combination of sweet and bitter.
  9. Red Durian – this variety is not so common in Davao but it is available sometimes. They come from Thailand.
  10. Nanam – this variety is also delicious.

Jackfruit Varieties

There are many varieties of jackfruit but they can be categorized into two:

  1. Native – We locally call it “lumoyan” because it is soft and so sweet and juicy. The pods are not so big but they are really sweet.
  2. American or Hybrid variety – jackfruit of this variety have big fruit pods yet the taste is milder than its native counterpart.

How to Turn Non-Durian Eaters into Converts

If you do not eat durian, you miss half of your life. Kidding aside, you can turn haters into lovers. Durian smells stinky but yummy.

If you are trying to convince someone who does not eat durian, feed them the sweetest, most delicious durian you can get. Once they appreciate the taste, they kind of get addicted to it. You will not have a hard time making them eat the second time around.

That is how I convinced my hubby and friend. And it worked.

Can Dogs Eat Durian

Yes, absolutely. We have a dog at home, a mix of Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz. He would eat whatever we eat.

During durian season, we would bring a bunch at home. He would ask some whenever we eat durian and we feed him as well. It turns out he loves durian as much as we do.

So it is definitely okay to feed dogs durian. But just feed them in small amounts as durian can make them in heat.

Why I Love Both Fruits

Most of the durian supply in the Philippines, about 90%, come from Davao where I happen to live. So I have easy access to it when the fruit is in season.

I like durian because it is sweet and it simply evokes happiness in me when I eat it. Although I eat it moderately because it has high calories.

We usually pair durian with cold soft drink (preferably coca cola) because it makes you sweaty. If you are pregnant, try to avoid durian as it induce you to feel hot.

As for the jackfruit, there is no question about my love for it because we grow it in our backyard. We would just smell the jackfruit from its tree and we would know that it is ready.

We also consume young green jackfruit by putting it in our pork ribs soup and making it into salad.

With all the differences cited above, I am sure you now know how to identify durian vs jackfruit.