Health is wealth.  If one is to stay healthy, he must eat healthy food choices. Lately, I have been trying to do menu planning so I can strictly monitor what I eat.  I love sea foods and veggies and I have been longing to eat sweet potato leaves salad. Since I don’t have it in my home garden, I bought a small bundle of it in the market.  Here is how I made my sweet potato leaves (camote tops) salad.

Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad Recipe, Mom Food Blog

Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad


2 cups of blanched sweet potato leaves (a.k.a. camote tops or talbos ng kamote)

medium size ginger

medium size onions

1 teaspoon sugar

1/4 cup vinegar

2 medium size tomatoes

3 lemons


pinch of powdered pepper

2 spoons of pineapple chunks

chili or chili powder (optional)


Blanch the sweet potato leaves by putting it in a boiling water just about 1 minute.   Set aside the blanched sweet potato leaves.

Chop finely the ginger, onions, and the tomatoes.  In a small cup, add the vinegar and sugar. Mixed it well.  Then add the squeezed lemon juice.  Add the pineapple chunks and a pinch of powdered pepper. Add salt to taste.

In a bowl, mix all together. Then add the blanched sweet potato leaves.  If you want it to be spicy, you can add chili locally known as siling labuyo or chili powder.

Why I Love this Salad

Aside from the fact that this food is yummy and appetizing, it also has plenty of health benefits.  It is a good source of iron that can combat anemia.  It has dietary fiber and essential nutrients and minerals that are good for the body such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur to name a few.  Sweet potato leaves help in lowering blood sugar and high cholesterol levels that is why its good for diabetics.  This plant also regulates good bowel movement and contains lots of antioxidants which prevents  diseases and infections.

delicious food + nutritious food + affordable food = awesomejuice!

The best thing about this recipe is – it is affordable.  It is a winner to my pocket.  Yay!

Now, make your own Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad!