Buko Pandan: Delicious and Easy to Make.  Who does not love sweets and desserts? You can’t go wrong with this delectable dessert.  You may even eat it for snacks.  It is simply delicious.

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The family loves buko pandan so much.  It is a perfect afternoon snack in this humid summer weather.  I would have made this as soon as the school closed but we could not get a young coconut.

One time, we went to a restaurant nearby that I know sells young coconut. But to our surprise, they were closed when we went to their place due to the community quarantine that was set by the local government.

Recently, I was able to make an online order from an online seller in our neighborhood.  Finally, we are able to make this. Yay!


There are only few ingredients for this recipe.

1. Grated young coconut locally called buko

2. Buko Pandan Flavored Gelatin Powder

3. Buko Pandan Flavored Condensed Milk (plain condensed milk is okay if buko pandan flavored is not available)

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How to Make Buko Pandan

First prepare your ingredients.  Grate the young coconut meat and set aside.  Cook gelatin according to package instructions and put it in a tin mold and let it cool.  You may put it  inside the refrigerator to turn the liquid into gelatin faster.

Once the gelatin is ready, sliced it into cubes according to preferred sizes.  Another option is to grate it just like what I do with mine.  I want the gelatin to have similar look with my grated young coconut meat. However, slicing it into cubes is much easier and faster.

It is now time to mix the grated young coconut, the gelatin and condensed milk. And you are done.  Serve chilled.  Enjoy!


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